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Timing, Logic & Memory

Offering an extensive portfolio of products for programmable clocks, clock generation and distribution, standard logic and memory (Flash, EEPROM and SRAM) across various applications.


Clock & Data Distribution
Supplying high frequency, differential devices based on emitter coupled logic (ECL) for clock, timing, and data distribution trees. Devices are available in the PureEdgeTM, GigaCommTM, ECLinPS MAXTM, ECLinPS PlusTM, ECLinPS LiteTM, ECLinPSTM, and MECL-10KHTM/MECL-100KHTM families.
Clock Generation
Devices for clock generation and synthesis, including XO and VCXO clock modules, PLL clock generators, phase/frequency detectors, VCOs, zero delay buffers, and spread spectrum EMI reduction clocks.
Product offerings for EEPROM, SRAM, and Flash memory devices.
Standard Logic
Devices offering a wide variety of standard logic functions, in Metal Gate, AC, ACT, HC, HCT, LCX, LVX, VHC, and VHCT families.