Si MOSFETs control current flow between source and drain terminals via gate voltage. They're widely used in power amplifiers, voltage regulators, and switching circuits for their efficiency, speed, and power-handling capabilities.

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Low/Medium Voltage MOSFETs
Portfolio of comprehensive range of Low-medium voltage power Mosfets that delivers superior performance and reliability for switching applications. Our cutting-edge PowerTrench® T10 technology delivers industry leading RDS, higher power density, reduced switching losses and better thermal performance.
Small Signal MOSFETs
Portfolio of fast switching small signal MOSFETs meant for general usage across different applications.
High Voltage MOSFETs
Portfolio of high voltage super-junction (SJ) MOSFETs meant for general usage and for several applications such as Power Factor correction, server/telecom power, led lighting.


Solutions utilizing onsemi MOSFETs.


onsemi provides a range of solutions, including advanced driver assistance systems, vehicle electrification, vehicle connectivity and automotive lighting.



onsemi provides advanced semiconductor solutions for industrial automation, energy infrastructure and robotics, enhancing efficiency and reliability.


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