Reliability Data

ON Semiconductor performs extensive reliability stress testing on devices that span the full breadth of our product portfolio. Reliability data is collected as part of the ON Semiconductor Reliability Audit Program, and as part of the normal product qualification and re-qualification process. This data is periodically updated to include the most recent test results. The data is typically updated on a quarterly basis. The current data can always be located through this web site.

You can use our online FIT and MTBF/MTTF calculator or download a Windows application that allows you to search for reliability data from an ON Semiconductor part number. The application may also be ordered on a CD. Additionally, summaries of this data in pdf format are also available.

Reliability Data - Device MTBF/MTTF/FIT

Enter the device of interest to search for the current reliability data. Partial matches may produce a list of devices for further selection.

A reliability FIT rate calculated using this tool shall not be used for any functional safety purpose. In case a raw FIT rate needs to be estimated for a component which is targeted to be used in a safety critical application (i.e. compliant to ISO 26262 standard) it should be calculated according to generic safety standards (IEC62380, IEC61709, SN29500, FIDES, etc.)

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