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Quality & Reliability

Locate the information related to product quality and reliability.


Enter the device of interest to search for the current reliability data.

AEC/PPAP Automotive Process Documentation

Locate current AEC and PPAP status.

RoHS (Material Composition)

Locate Pb-free (RoHS) and Green Material content details.

China RoHS (Material Composition)

Locate China RoHS material content details.

Counterfeit Parts Policy

Access information regarding onsemi's counterfeit parts policy.

Obsolete, EOL Products & Conversion Services

Locate the information for products that are obsolete or in the EOL phase.

Find/Replace Obsolete/EOL Products

Find information and replacements for products that are obsolete or in the End-of-Life phase.

Product Change Notifications

View published notifications for onsemi product changes.


Design and conversion services from onsemi. Choose ASIC-to-ASIC or FPGA-to-ASIC.

Samples, Inventory & Competitor XREF

Locate the information for product samples, inventory and cross reference competitor data.

Order Samples

Obtain onsemi Product Samples via the web.

Distribution Inventory Check

Updated daily. Inventory for participating distribution partners is also available.

Competitor Cross Reference

Cross Reference data provided by onsemi product specialists.