Every Switch Needs a Gate Driver

Gate drivers are the interface between control signals and power switches. Discover our broad portfolio of isolated and non-isolated drivers for a variety of power switches with advanced features.

Gate Drivers

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Configuration 20-40V 100-300V 600-700V 900V 1200V
Single Channel Low-side
Dual Channel Low-side
High-side and Low-side
4 Channel Full-bridge
6 Channel Three-phase

A Perfect Match: Pairing Gate Drivers to EliteSiC

This webinar provides guidance for pairing gate drivers to Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFETS for applications including uninterruptible power supply (UPS), energy storage systems and solar and electric vehicle (EV) charging

Gate Driver Evaluation Board

Allows for the comparison of the dynamic performance and capabilities of different gate drivers and technologies.

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Technical Documents

Practical Design Guidelines on the Usage of an Isolated Gate Driver

This application note provides guidance on how to select and practical application design the right isolated gate driver for power switching devices in power electronic applications

On Board Charger (OBC) LLC Converter

Nowadays, so called plug in hybrid as well as fully electric vehicles are catching more and more attraction triggered by the reduction of pollution as it is normally happening with pure combustion engine.

SiC MOSFETs: Gate Drive Optimization

For high−voltage switching power applications, silicon carbide or SiC MOSFETs bring notable advantages compared to traditional silicon MOSFETs and IGBTs.

FAD3151MXA, FAD3171MXA Gate Driver Application Note

The FAD3151MXA and FAD3171MXA are single channel floating automotive gate drivers suitable for driving high−speed power MOSFETs up to 110 V. Designed in a SOI technology, the drivers are ideal for applications that require noise immunity against severe negative transients and ground offset up to −80 V.

Introduction to onsemi High Current Dual Half Bridge Modules for Automotive Mild Hybrid Applications

onsemi has introduced a series of isolated 80 V MOSFET modules in a variety of packages that are suitable for 48 V battery−driven mild hybrid electric vehicles (MHEV) and low voltage traction systems.

General Isolation and Gate Drivers Overview

Gate drivers technologies have had certain evolutions during the last decade. With the arrival of on-chip integrated isolation technologies, isolated driver ICs have been developed by main driver IC manufacturers. These digital isolators are replacing the OPTO-coupler technology little by little.