Main traction inverters are the heart of electric vehicles and provide incredible amounts of torque and acceleration. The responsiveness of the inverter and the electric motor it controls, correlate directly to the “feel” of the vehicle and consumer satisfaction. Power levels from 40kW to 150+kW are common, and these systems require extremely robust IGBT and silicon carbide (SiC) components. Scalability, enhanced thermal performance, and the industry’s lowest packaging inductance allow traction inverter designers to achieve peak efficiencies, state-of-art power density, and swift response times. 400V to 800V batteries supply power to traction inverters, requiring inverter components to be rated from 600V to 1200V while operating at current levels up to 1000A per phase. SiC, IGBT, and VE-Trac module solutions from onsemi provide the foundation for traction inverter design, making your automotive products powerful and reliable.

Block Diagram

Evaluation/Development Kits

VE-Trac Dual EZ Kit

The VE-TracTM Dual Evaluation Kit consists of three VE-Trac Dual power modules (NVG800A75L4DSC) mounted on dual side cooling heatsink, with a 6-ch Gate driver board, DC Link capacitor and external hall-effect current sense feedback for motor control.

VE-Trac Direct EZ Kit

The VE-TracTM Direct Evaluation Kit consists of a single VE-Trac Direct power module (NVH820A75L4SPB) mounted in a cooling jacket, with a 6-ch Gate driver board and a DC Link capacitor. The kit does not include a PWM controller or external current sensors.

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