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Signal Conditioning & Control

Offering a wide variety of products from amplifiers and comparators to redrivers, microcontrollers, data converters (ADC) and digital potentiometers (POTs).


Devices that are optimized for performance, ESD protection, industry leading low power consumption, and are available in small footprints.
Amplifiers & Comparators
Product portfolio for operational amplifiers (op amp), audio amplifiers, video amplifiers, current sense amplifiers, and comparators.
8-bit and 16-bit general purpose and application-specific microcontroller devices.
Data Converters (ADC)
Providing extremely low power solutions for analog to digital conversion optimized for low power consumption and speed.
Digital Potentiometers (POTs)
These devices are linear-taper digital POTs that perform the same function as a mechanical potentiometer or a variable resistor.
Sensor Signal Conditioning
Sensor signal conditioning ASSPs are designed for optimal performance and flexibility. Low-noise and high resolution signal measurement paths allow capturing your sensor signal accurately in the configurable DSP.