Digital Isolators

Technical Documentation
Digital Isolators from ON Semiconductor use a high frequency modulated signal to transmit high speed digital data across a capacitive isolation barrier. The signal is then demodulated on the other side of the barrier, thereby, creating a high voltage isolated data transceiver. By using digital technology (eg. Manchester Encoding/Decoding, Digital parameters tracking) the Digital Isolator is able to maintain consistent performance across a wide temperature range and over the operational lifetime of the part. ON Semiconductor's patented Off-Chip Ceramic Capacitor isolation technology achieves DTI (Distance Through Insulation) that rivals Optocouplers and meets UL and VDE safety standards. The ability to transmit high speed data across a high voltage barrier without compromising safety or reliability is beneficial for industrial applications such as Isolated PWM Control, Programmable Logic Control or Isolated Data Acquisition Systems. ON Semiconductor Digital Isolators are also AEC-Q100 qualified making them ideal for automotive applications such as On-Board-Chargers and as Isolated Gate Drivers for non-isolated power modules.
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