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Power Management

  • Innovative products that enable power supplies and adapters with improved power factor, enhanced active-mode efficiency, and reduced standby-mode power consumption
  • Expansive portfolio of ac-dc and dc-dc controllers and regulators, linear voltage regulators, motor drivers and controllers, LED Drivers, power modules, and voltage and current management
  • Full spectrum of high, medium, and low voltage power management products
  • #1 Adaptive Front Lighting supplier; #1 Notebook Adapters (ACDC) supplier; #1 PC Core Power (DCDC) supplier; #1 Linear VREG supplier


LED Drivers

Ac-dc, dc-dc, and linear LED drivers.

DC-DC Controllers, Converters, & Regulators

DC-DC controllers and converters, linear voltage regulators, termination regulators, charge pumps, and battery charge controllers.

LDO Regulators & Linear Voltage Regulators

Low Dropout Regulators (LDO) and Linear Regulators (Vreg) provide an optimum solution for low power, space conscious and low noise design requirements. ON Semiconductor offers a broad portfolio of products featuring high PSRR, low noise, low quiescent current (Iq), low dropout and wide input voltage range.

Battery Management

Battery Charge Controllers, Fuel Gauges, and Battery Protection Devices.

Voltage References & Supervisors

Devices that control, monitor, and supervise voltage and current levels, providing protection and precise references.

AC-DC Controllers & Regulators

Offline ac-dc controllers and regulators, power factor controllers, and secondary side controllers that enable high active mode efficiency, low standby mode consumption and power factor correction.

Load Switches

Integrated load switches, with and without discharge paths.

Motor Drivers

Brushed, brushless, and stepper motor drivers and controllers; MOSFET & IGBT drivers; MOSFETs with integrated drivers; load and relay drivers.


Product Recommendation Tool

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Device recommendations based on system-level requirements

Interactive Block Diagrams

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Build a customized list of products to complete your design

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