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Power Management

Innovative power management products that enable energy efficient solutions across all applications by providing improved power factor, enhanced active-mode efficiency, and reduced standby-mode power consumptions.

By Technology

Gate Drivers
GaN, IGBT, FET, MOSFET, H-Bridge MOSFET, and SiC MOSFET inverting and non-inverting drivers ideal for switching applications.
AC-DC Power Conversion
Offline AC-DC controllers and regulators, and power factor and secondary side controllers that enable high active mode efficiency, low standby mode consumption and power factor correction.
DC-DC Power Conversion
A product portfolio for DC-DC charge pumps, controllers, converters, and regulators.
Protected Power Switches
Designed to offer Over-Current Protection (OCP), Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), and True Reverse Current Block (TRCB) to prevent system damage.
GFCI Controllers
A variety of GFCI compliant devices that detect hazardous current paths to ground and ground to neutral faults.
Voltage References & Supervisors
Devices that control, monitor, and supervise voltage and current levels, providing protection and precise references.
LED Drivers
Product offerings for AC-DC, DC-DC, and linear LED Drivers.
Motor Drivers
A selection of brushed, brushless, stepper motor drivers and controllers along with some load and relay drivers.
Offering products for current protection, voltage protection and EMI filters.
Battery Management
Battery charge controllers, fuel gauges and management devices for monitoring battery life.
Integrated Driver & MOSFET
Devices that combine driver IC with power MOSFETs and are optimized for DC-DC buck power conversion applications.
Linear Regulators (LDO)
A portfolio that provides optimum solution for low power, space conscious and low noise designs.