General Purpose Microcontrollers

Technical Documentation
The portfolio of General Purpose Microcontrollers from ON Semiconductor includes a variety of single-chip, low power consumption 8-bit and 16-bit microcomputers. The devices offer 8 kilobytes to 768 kilobytes ROM Flash memory (onboard programmable) and up to 47.5 kilobytes of RAM. They feature on-chip debuggers, sophisticated timers, high-speed counters, prescalers, calendar functions (RTC), AD converter, and wide-range voltage source. The devices provide synchronous and asynchronous SIO interfaces as well as a wide variety of options for IO ports, Interrupt sources and vector addresses. Other ideal features include an infrared remote control receiver circuit, CRC operating circuit, Internal Reset Function, system clock frequency divider, high-speed PWM, and an analog comparator. Applications include Control of the Peripheral Devices, Consumer, Audio, Key Input Sensor control, Remote control, Timer control, and abnormal movement detection.
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