General Purpose and Low VCE(sat) Transistors

Technical Documentation
The portfolio of general-purpose and Low VCE(sat) transistors from ON Semiconductor includes varilous combinations of NPN and PNP transition available in dual and individual packages. The portfolio features low to ultra-low saturation voltage (VCE(sat) as low as 0.015 V), along with operational currents and voltages to fit various applications. General-purpose and Low VCE(sat) transistors from ON Semiconductor provide ideal performance characteristics through small ON-resistance (Ron), Ultrasmall package to facilitate miniaturization, Small Variance in Storage Time, Built-in Free Wheeling Diode, Excellent Second Breakdown Capability, Improved AOI Capability, High Gain Amplification, High Collector-Base Breakdown Voltage. The wide variety of transistors in this category are available to cover situations requiring the full-range of low-speed to high-speed switching applications. Applications include ESD Protection, Polarity Reversal Protection, Data Line Protection, Inductive Load Protection, Steering Logic, DC / DC converter, relay drivers, lamp drivers, motor drivers, flash, Low-frequency Amplifier, small motor drive, muting circuit, and High Side Switching. The portfolio also includes AEC-Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable options specifically engineered and qualified for automotive industry applications.
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