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Discrete & Power Modules onsemi Products
Discrete & Power Modules
A product portfolio that offers full spectrum of high, medium and low voltage power discrete devices along with advanced power module solutions, including IGBT, MOSFET, SiC, Si/SiC Hybrid, Diode, SiC Diode, and Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs).
Power Management onsemi Products
Power Management
Innovative power management products that enable energy efficient solutions across all applications by providing improved power factor, enhanced active-mode efficiency, and reduced standby-mode power consumptions.
Wireless Connectivity onsemi Products
Wireless Connectivity
Industry’s lowest power Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE) solutions for industrial and automotive applications.
Signal Conditioning & Control onsemi Products
Signal Conditioning & Control
Offering a wide variety of products from amplifiers and comparators to redrivers, microcontrollers, data converters (ADC) and digital potentiometers (POTs).
Sensors onsemi Products
Providing an expansive portfolio of innovative and industry leading image sensors and image processors and modules to photodetectors (SPAD, SiPM) and much more.
Motor Control onsemi Products
Motor Control
A product portfolio that offers motor drivers (brushed, brushless, stepper, load & relay) and integrated motor control systems for all your motor control solutions.
Custom & ASSP onsemi Products
Custom & ASSP
Offering innovative SoC, SiP, ASIC, audio/video ASSP and other custom solutions and foundry services across a wide variety of applications in the automotive, industrial, medical, and aerospace & defense markets.
Interfaces onsemi Products
A broad product portfolio of interface technologies that offer lower power consumption, reduced size and ensure the highest performance signal transfer.
Timing, Logic & Memory onsemi Products
Timing, Logic & Memory
Offering an extensive portfolio of products for programmable clocks, clock generation and distribution, standard logic and memory (Flash, EEPROM and SRAM) across various applications.

By Solution

Automotive onsemi Products
onsemi provides various solutions, including ADAS, vehicle electrification, vehicle connectivity, and automotive lighting.
Industrial onsemi Products
onsemi provides various solutions for industrial power conversion, motor control, and automation.
Cloud onsemi Products
Computing and connectivity are key parts of our infrastructure, and every processor, memory bank or wireless base station needs power. As these functions move into the cloud, efficiency and reliability become more and more important.
Mobile onsemi Products
onsemi provides a variety of power managemnt and interface solutions mobile applications.