Energy Infrastructure Smart Building Industrial Automation
Energy Infrastructure Smart Building Industrial Automation


Within the industrial space, onsemi helps OEMs develop innovative products and navigate the ongoing transformation across Energy Infrastructure, Industrial Automation, Smart Buildings and Power Conversion.

From wide-bandgap technologies (SiC and GaN), power MOSFETs, IGBTs and gate drivers to state-of-the-art imaging, depth sensing and connectivity devices, our versatile portfolio helps OEMs tailor their designs to fulfill the needs of every application.

With decades of experience in power conversion and management, motion and a variety of sensing and connectivity solutions, onsemi brings the expertise and technologies necessary to address present and future environmental challenges and to support the opportunities of e-mobility and the fourth industrial revolution.

Energy Infrastructure
Smart Buildings
Industrial Automation

Bosch IoT Suite

Working together with Bosch.IO, onsemi has pre-integrated its sensor platforms with the Bosch IoT Suite as the technical basis for scalable IoT applications.


Veridify Security

Veridify Security was the first security company selected by onsemi to join their Ecosystem Partner program to complement the ‘on-processor’ security offered on the RSL10 MCU, enabling important IoT security solutions.


Avnet IoTConnect® Ecosystem

Through the power of the onsemi RSL10 Bluetooth® Low Energy SoC and Avnet’s robust IoTConnect® Platform, powered by Microsoft Azure, we help you deliver competitive solutions.

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