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The falling cost of solar panels and increased regulations for zero-carbon energy have led to increasing solar power generation installations worldwide. This process is happening from utility to commercial to residential scales. The transformation of our energy system will require solutions with the highest levels of efficiency, reliability, and safety. onsemi’s boost and inverter Power Integrated Modules (PIMs) anchor the grid-interface electronics using our gate drivers, sensing, control, and peripheral power products complete the system.

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IGBT Modules

The IGBT Modules portfolio is optimized for DC/AC stages of solar inverters. These state of the art products utilize the new narrow mesa IGBT technology in providing high current density and robust short circuit protection along with higher blocking voltage to deliver outstanding performance.

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SiC Modules

Full SiC & Hybrid SiC Modules

Our package technologies optimized for

  • Superior performance
  • Lower thermal resistance than discrete devices
  • Easy to mount packages to fit industry standard pinouts

Technical Documents

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Optimizing Residential Solar Energy Systems for Efficiency, Reliability, and Cost

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