Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Automation Systems utilize sensors to acquire critical image data for safety systems such as Automated Cruise Control (ACC), Automated Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Keep Assist (LKA), etc.

Forward sensing applications require advanced features beyond conventional viewing applications. Image sensors need high dynamic range, with sensing capability in both low light and bright conditions. LiDAR image detectors need long-range capability and single photon sensitivity under bright ambient light conditions, even for low reflectivity objects.

Because the sensors are integral to safety systems, they must be ASIL Functional Safety (ISO-26262) and AEC-Q100 Grade 2 compliant.

Block Diagram

Front Sensing Camera Block Diagram Image

Front Sensing LiDAR

Front Sensing LiDAR Block Diagram Image

Evaluation/Development Kits

Evaluation board for the ArrayRDM-0112A20-QFN

Designed to quickly and easily set up an evaluation of the ArrayRDM-0112A20-QFN 1x12 element silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) array.

Automotive Switching Regulator, Buck, Spread Spectrum Evaluation Board

Designed to quickly evaluate the NCV890204, a fixed frequency, monolithic, Buck switching regulator intended for automotive, battery connected applications.

Reference Designs

Strata Enabled Flexible ADAS Power Solution

An optimized power management solution for automotive systems such as infotainment or ADAS.

MARS: Modular Automotive Reference System

A complete imaging solution for camera system developers and software developers working on automotive imaging applications.

Direct Time−of−Flight Depth Sensing Reference Designs

A suite of depth sensing reference designs and evaluation kits to simplify the design process and time−to−market of depth sensing solutions.

Technical Documents

Image Sensor Terminology

This technical note has been written to clarify some of the terminology used to describe the operation and performance of solid state image sensors.

A Brief Introduction to Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) Sensors

A low-light sensor that has performance characteristics comparable to a conventional PMT with the practical advantages of a solid-state sensor.

SiPMs in Direct ToF Ranging Applications

LiDAR is a ranging technique that is increasingly being employed in applications such as mobile range finding, automotive ADAS, gesture recognition and 3D mapping.

Biasing and Readout of onsemi SiPM Sensors

This application note covers all aspects of Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) biasing and readout for onsemi SiPMs. Readout options for both the standard and fast terminals are discussed.

Performance Measurement and Model Validation of Gen3 Scanning LiDAR Demonstrator

These sensors are now at the forefront of the most innovative developments for LiDAR applications in ADAS and autonomous vehicles.

Image Sensor ISO Measurement

There are many ways to describe the sensitivity of an imaging system to light. It is traditional for the sensitivity of a digital image sensor to be specified in terms of its quantum efficiency.

Chip Supply Voltage Monitor Limits

This application note provided details of how the chip supply voltage monitor limits were established for the AR0220AT, AR0231AT and AR0138AT.

Handling Procedures to Avoid Trapped Charges

This application note provides guidelines on preventing the generation of trapped charges.

Image Sensor Handling and Best Practices

This application note describes minimal methods for customers to incorporate in their handling, storing, and cleaning processes for image sensors.

Image Sensor Color Correction

This reference document will describe the basic process to obtain colors from a digital image sensor