Smart Card & SIM Card Interfaces

Technical Documentation
The portfolio of Smart Card & SIM Card Interfaces from ON Semiconductor includes compact, cost-effective Smart/SIM card interfaces as well as Smart/SIM card power supply and level translators. The Smart/SIM card interface programmable power supply handles Class A, B, and C Smart cards for 1.8 V, 3 V, or 5 V card operation. The power supply and level translators, supporting 1.8 V and 3.0 V cards, are level shifter analog circuits designed to translate the voltages between a SIM/SAM/Smart cards and an external microcontroller or MPU. The ideal performance characteristics include built-in chip select logic for parallel couple operation, built-in activation/deactivation sequencer, and independent power supply on the controller interface. Features include a wide range of battery supply voltage, programmable power supply, rise and fall clock slopes, and card clock divider. Protection includes thermal, short circuit, and ESD protection - fault protection mechanisms enabling automatic device deactivation in case of overload, overheating, card take-off, or power supply drop-out (OCP, OTP, UVP). The devices are fully compatible with ISO 7816-3, EMV, GIE-CB, and other related standards, including NDS and STB. Applications include SIM Card Interface Circuit for 2G, 2.5G and 3G, Identification Modules, Smart Card Readers, Wireless PC Cards, Conditional Access Module (CAM), Conditional Access System (CAS), SIM card interface applications (UICC / USIM), Transaction Terminals, and Electronic Payment and Identification.
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