Amplifiers & Comparators

Product portfolio for operational amplifiers (op amp), audio amplifiers, video amplifiers, current sense amplifiers, and comparators.


Current Sense Amplifiers
Current sensing requires accurate measurements and onsemi’s current sense amplifiers offer high degree of precision current sensing along with the advantages of wide input common mode range, bidirectional current sensing and high/low side current sensing.
Audio Power Amplifiers
Delivering low noise and low distortion audio power amplifiers, onsemi offers class AB amplifiers and class D amplifiers. This portfolio offers special features like true-ground audio and ‘pop & click’ suppression, along with unique devices like compandors.
Operational Amplifiers (Op Amps)
onsemi wide portfolio of operational amplifiers (op amps) features high performance devices which include low power, low noise, precision, power and also general purpose op amps. These are designed to specifically meet a variety of applications like signal conditioning, automotive, battery powered, medical and current sensing.
Video Amplifiers
onsemi video amplifiers offer integrated filters, level shifters and also multiple gain options which can be optimized for a particular video application.
onsemi offers a broad range of high speed and low power comparators in single, dual and quad configurations. Packages offered include small UDFN and SC-88 in addition to industry standard SOT-23 and SOIC. Devices include variants ready to meet consumer, industrial and automotive reliability.