High Performance Transistor Optocouplers

Technical Documentation
The portfolio of High-Performance Transistor Optocouplers from ON Semiconductor consist of an AlGaAs LED optically coupled to a high-speed photodetector transistor. A separate connection for the bias of the photodiode, which reduces the base-collector capacitance of the input transistor, improves the speed by several orders of magnitude greater than conventional phototransistor optocouplers. The ideal performance characteristics and features of this portfolio include high speed, low current, superior CTR, superior CMR, open collector output, no base connection for improved noise immunity. These optocouplers operate over an extended industrial temperature range of −40°C to 100°C. The devices meet the following safety and regulatory standards: UL1577, DIN EN/IEC60747-5-5, DIN VDE V 0884−11, and BSI recognition. Applications include Line Receivers, Pulse Transformer Replacement, Output Interface to CMOS-LSTTL-TTL, Wide Bandwidth Analog Coupling, Energy Generation and Distribution, Industrial Motor, and Uninterruptible Power Supply.
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