Wireless Sensors

Enabling New Sensing Possibilities with the World’s First Battery-Free, µC-Free Sensor Tag

Breakthrough Sensor Technology Implemented on RFID

Breakthrough Sensor Technology Implemented on RFID

Hard to Access Locations
Space Constrained Applications
Multiple Sensors Required

Functional Blocks

Sensor Antenna Block

wireless symbol
Wireless communication (RFID)
–Industry-standard UHF Gen 2 protocol

wireless symbol
Energy harvesting for power (no battery)
Power, µC, & Processing Block

Sensing Block Powered by Magnus®

Adaptable front end “auto-tunes” chip impedance to sense moisture, pressure
–Measures environmental conditions through impedance changes on stimuli detector

On-chip sensors to read temperature and signal strength for proximity/motion
Built-in memory for unique identification

Application Evaluation

Define ecosystem

Define application and product needs

Proof of concept testing

Evaluation Kit

Battery-free Wireless Sensor Tags

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