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STK531U394A-E: Intelligent Power Module (IPM), 600 V, 15 A

Datasheet: Intelligent Power Module (IPM), 600 V, 15 A
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Product Overview
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This “Inverter IPM” is highly integrated device containing all High Voltage (HV) control from HV-DC to 3-phase outputs in a single SIP module (Single-In line Package). Output stage uses IGBT / FRD technology and implements Under Voltage Protection (UVP) and Over Current Protection (OCP) with a Fault Detection output flag. Internal Boost diodes are provided for high side gate boost drive.
Features   Benefits
  • Protective circuits including over current (bus line) and pre-drive low voltage protection are built in.
  • Fast speed protection is possible (Self protection)
  • Direct input of CMOS level control signals without insulating circuits is possible. (Active HIGH)
  • No need photo-coupler design
  • A single power supply drive is enabled through the use of bootstrap circuits for upper power supplies. (externally set)
  • No need bootstrap diode and resistor at externally
  • Built-in simultaneous upper/lower ON prevention circuit to prevent arm shorting through simultaneous ON input for the upper and lower side transistors.
    (Dead time is required for preventing shorting due to switching delay.)
  • All IGBT Gate shutdown at abnormal for safety
  • The level of the overcurrent protection current can be changed with the external resistor “RSD” between the “ISD” and “VSS” terminals.
  • Can be customized by each application
  • Monitoring substrate temperature is possible through the use of an internal thermistor.
  • High precision monitor is possible
  • Certification : UL Recognized (File number : E339285)
Applications   End Products
  • 3-phase Motor
  • Motor Control System
  • Industrial / General Control System
  • HVAC
  • Clothes Washer / Dryer
  • Dish Washer
  • Refrigerator
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Budgetary Price/Unit
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STK531U394A-E Active, Not Rec
STK531U394A-E SIP-29 127CH NA Tube 11 $9.3331
Market Leadtime (weeks) : 17 to 20
Case Outlines
STK531U394A-E: Intelligent Power Module (IPM), 600 V, 15 A
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