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NCV7513B: MOSFET Pre-Driver, Hex, Low-Side

Datasheet: FLEXMOS Hex Low-Side MOSFET Pre-Driver
Rev. 2 (181kB)
Product Overview
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The NCV7513B programmable six channel low-side MOSFET pre-driver is one of a family of FLEXMOS™ automotive grade products for driving logic-level MOSFETs. The product is controllable by a combination of serial SPI and parallel inputs. It features programmable fault management modes and allows power-limiting PWM operation with programmable refresh time. The device offers 3.3 V/5.0 V compatible inputs and the serial output driver can be powered from either 3.3 V or 5.0 V. Power-on reset provides controlled powerup and two enable inputs allow all outputs to be simultaneously disabled.

Each channel independently monitors its external MOSFET's drain voltage for fault conditions. Shorted load fault detection thresholds are fully programmable using an externally programmed reference voltage and a combination of four discrete internal ratio values. The ratio values are SPI selectable and allow different detection thresholds for each group of three output channels.

Fault information for each channel is 2-bit encoded by fault type and is available through SPI communication. Fault recovery operation for each channel is programmable and may be selected for latch-off or automatic retry.

The FLEXMOS family of products offers application scalability through choice of external MOSFETs.
Features   Benefits
  • 16-bit SPI with Frame Error Detection
  • Invalid Frame Rejection
  • 3.3 V / 5 V Compatible I/O
  • Interfaces with Most Automotive Microcontrollers
  • Two Enable Inputs
  • Adapts Supervisory Microcontroller
  • Open-drain Fault and Status Flags
  • Immediate Fault Notification
  • Programmable
    Shorted Load Fault Detection Thresholds
    Fault Recovery Mode
    Fault Retry Timer
    Flag Masking
  • Allows Scalability to MOSFET
  • Load Diagnostics with Latched Unique Fault Type Data
    Shorted Load
    Open Load
    Short to GND
  • Pinpoints System Faults
  • AEC Qualified
  • PPAP Capable
Applications   End Products
  • Body and Power Train
  • Automotive
Budgetary Price/Unit
Case Outline
NCV7513BFTR2G Lifetime
AEC Qualified
PPAP Capable
Halide free
NCV7513B LQFP-32 561AB 2 260 Tape and Reel 2000  
Market Leadtime (weeks) : Contact Factory
Case Outlines
NCV7513B: MOSFET Pre-Driver, Hex, Low-Side
NCV7513B: MOSFET Pre-Driver, Hex, Low-Side
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