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onsemi develops custom and application-specific CCD and CMOS image sensors that help customers create unique products with state-of-the-art performance. Designs can leverage existing technology blocks or include the development of new technologies to provide new levels of performance and functionality.

Custom image sensor designs provide great flexibility in product specifications, providing opportunities for key end-product differentiation in the target application. Devices can be developed with commercial, industrial, or military grade qualification, and an advanced supply chain supports long-term supply

Wireless DPS SIP
Custom Image Sensors

Custom CMOS Image Sensor Capabilities

Frame rates up to 18 K frames per second at megapixel resolution
Windowing to 1 M frames per second
Die sizes from less than 1 mm by 1 mm up to wafer scale
Radiation tolerant designs
8, 10, 12, 14 and 16-bit ADC options
High speed parallel and serial digital outputs
Optimized pixel architectures
In-pixel noise reduction

Custom CCD Image Sensor Capabilities

Interline, Full-Frame, Linear, TDI, and EMCCD platforms
Die sizes up to wafer scale
Multiple output designs
Data rates up to 40 MHz / output
ITO gates for high quantum efficiency
High speed parallel and serial digital outputs
Superior dark current and uniformity performance
Custom packages
US Manufactured