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PTIC Controllers

Technical Documentation
The portfolio of PTIC Controllers from ON Semiconductor includes three, four, and six output, high-voltage digital to analog control ICs designed to control Passive Tunable Integrated Circuits (PTICs). Applications for these PTIC controllers include multi−band, multi−standard, advanced and simple mobile phones, tunable antenna matching networks, and dedicated closed-loop and open-loop RF tuning. Implementing tunable circuits from ON Semiconductor in mobile phones enables significant improvement in antenna radiated RF performance. A multi−protocol digital interface fully controls the PTIC devices through a bias voltage ranging from 1 volt to up to 28 volts. The portfolio’s ideal performance characteristics and features include low power consumption to minimize impact to battery life, integrated boost converter with programmable DAC outputs, an integrated diode reduces external components, and a small form factor to save PCB space. The portfolio is compliant with the timing needs of cellular and other wireless system requirements to ensure industry compliance and standardization.
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