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Audio/Video ASSP

Variety of audio/video ASSP, including audio and audiology DSP systems, LCD display controllers, and LCD segment drivers.


Audio DSP Systems

Range of ultra-low power, fully programmable audio Digital Signal Processor (DSP) systems.

Audiology DSP Systems

Complete range of audiology Digital Signal Processor (DSP) systems for hearing aids.

Audio ASSP

Application-specific standard products (ASSP) including Digital Signal Processors, FM receivers, volume controllers, and modulators and demodulators.

Video Conditioning

Video Filter Drivers, Video Switch Matrix/Multiplexers


Power Supply

Design the power supply for your application. Select the optimum ON Semiconductor product for your requirements. Read more

Product Recommendation Tools+

Product Recommendation Tool graphic/button

Device recommendations based on system-level requirements

Interactive Block Diagrams

Interactive Block Diagram Tool graphic/button

Build a customized list of products to complete your design

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