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The New & Improved Interactive Block Diagram Tool

by  Ryan Sisk  - 2020-10-14 

Check out our new and improved Interactive Block Diagram (IBD) tool which was designed so that both design engineers and sales teams can experience the full ON Semiconductor portfolio in a clear, concise, mapped-out, system-level block diagram. 

The tool can be used to locate ON Semiconductor product offerings for specific applications – enabling users to easily find products that would best power their next project and create their own bill of materials (BOM) worksheet. The IBD tool allows a user to quickly go through the entire ON Semiconductor product portfolio and application pages (e.g. automotive, IoT, etc.) without switching webpages.

Once you’re finished with a specific block, you can scroll back up to the full diagram and click on other blocks to continue the process on the same webpage.  Once all the devices are found, the user is able to personalize the final BOM worksheet with company, product, and customer contact information creating a customized proposal/worksheet. 

Users can also compare part specifications and prices, streamlining the decision-making process in a matter of just 5-10 minutes! 

For every ON Semiconductor product listed in the IBD tool, the customer can view all of the technical documentation, including package drawings, evaluation board documents, simulation models, and more! 

 How to use our IBD Tool 

First, it’s important to sign into MyON, or register if you are a first time user, in order to access all available features when using the tool.  Once logged in, navigate back to the ON Semiconductor homepage and select IBD from the tools banner. You can also reach the IBD tool from the Solutions & Applications tab on the ON Semiconductor homepage by clicking on your solution of interest type or from the Tools & Support tab by clicking on Interactive Block Diagrams. 


Once you reach the IBD Tool, you will first be able to choose your solution of interest (I.E. Automotive) and then the IBD available for that solution will be listed below (I.E. On Board Charger).  It’s important to note that green blocks list ON Semiconductor devices that are functionally specific to that block.  Also, grey blocks are not selectable and indicate subsystems that are involved in the solution application but are not covered in the ON Semiconductor portfolio. 

Once you click on a green block of your choice, a menu will pop up that will list the various part types that are commonly used for this block function, with several part types often being listed.  You can sort each column to narrow your selections and click the plus or minus tabs to expand and see orderable parts and close respectively.  Once you have made your decision, click on the “Add to Worksheet” button to add the part to your BOM sheet.  Once you’re finished with a certain block, you can scroll back up to the block diagram and click on other blocks to continue the process.

In step 3 of the IBD tool, a complete list of your part selections is shown with the options to remove selections from your list or return to the block diagram to add others.  Once you are finished making selections, click the “Download” button to create the final document.  You will then see a “Download Worksheet” mechanism pop up.  If you are signed into MyON, you will have access to customize to the logo menu, customer (company), and project title.  All of the personalized information that you enter here will appear on the header of your BOM worksheet or simply leave it blank. 


From here, you can either click to download the final worksheet onto your computer or email the final worksheet with the “Download Worksheet” and “Email My Worksheet” buttons respectively. The worksheet is automatically created and it is a fully editable Microsoft Word document.  Header information and logos appear at the top of with the block diagram and block list with selected parts following.  Each selected part has a hyperlink to its web product page, providing easy access to the datasheet and other information.  Lastly, each BOM worksheet also has a notes section included at the very bottom, which can be used however fits your project. 

Finally, let’s bring up some of the additional features of the IBD tool.  You may notice that some applications have a parent/child diagram feature (I.E. Medical Ventilator).  As you can see, there are now multiple block diagrams that can be chosen from this application (I.E. Power Management).  The IBD tool allows you the ability to create multiple BOMs for these various diagrams. However, you can only work on one diagram at a time.   

Device information in each block diagram and the parametric table is updated frequently.  The IBD tool is a great way to learn more about what ON Semiconductor product options can best suit any project you’re working on in a simple and easy way!  It’s also highly beneficial in ensuring that the final product BOM worksheet is easily shareable, allowing you to connect your project materials list to anywhere around the globe instantly.


Simplify your Bill of Materials (BOM)


Whether you are new to ON Semiconductor or are simply looking for some inspiration to power your next major project, check out our Interactive Block Diagrams today.


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