Styling and safety are enhanced with the addition LED exterior lighting systems. onsemi provides a variety of discrete, linear programmable constant current devices designed for regulation and control of LED based lighting systems. These linear current regulator/controllers are able to drive rear combination lamps, day time running lights, and turn signals. They allow for two programmed levels for Stop and Tail illumination, and also slew rate control to eliminate EMI concerns.

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Evaluation/Development Kits


The NCV7685 LED RGB EVB provides a smart demonstration on interior or exterior lighting reference design for tail or ambient lights, which is aiming at realizing general sequential or high end pixelated LEDs controlling in in-vehicle network…

Current Controller for Automotive LED Lamps Evaluation Kit

Automotive turn signals are sometimes designed to display an indicator in a fashion such that lights are activated in a sequencing manner to show directional intent.

Octal Rear Combination Light Evaluation Board

The NCV7691RCLV1GEVB Evaluation Board demonstrates a rear combination / daylight running light (RCL/DRL) solution with up to eight LED string.

8 Channel Enhanced 100 mALinear Current Regulator and Controller for Automotive LED Lighting in Daisy Chain Sequencing Application Evaluation Board

Automotive Rear Combination LED Lighting systems often require the electronics to execute a sequence lighting event for a blinker function to indicate directional change in movement.

Twelve Channels LED Linear Current Driver with I2C Interface

The evaluation board demonstrates the Rear Combination Lamp Application with the NCV7685 LED linear current driver. On-board buck converter creates constant voltage of 7.0 V on the top of the LEDs to have lower power dissipation on the device itself.