LED interior lighting continues to grow in popularity, not only as incandescent bulb replacement, but for maker and accent applications. We offer a variety of discrete and monolithic solutions for a full range of applications. These include simple solutions such as our two terminal constant current regulators (CCRs), which are economical, robust devices that provide an effective solution for regulating current in cost sensitive automotive LED applications. More complex solutions include LIN RGB LED drivers, that combine a LIN transceiver with a RGB LED driver and memory, providing a single-chip RGB driver intended to monitor dedicated multicolor LED applications.

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The NCV7685 LED RGB EVB provides a smart demonstration on interior or exterior lighting reference design for tail or ambient lights, which is aiming at realizing general sequential or high end pixelated LEDs controlling in in-vehicle network…

Technical Documents

Using the Fading Feature of the NCV7430

The NCV7430 is an automotive RGB LED driver with a LIN protocol communication interface.

NCV7430 LED Color Calibration

Introduction color perception in human subjects varies with the color spectrum in three semi-discrete spectrums of Red, Green, and Blue (RGB).

Thermal Considerations for the onsemi Family of Discrete Constant Current Regulators (CCR) for Driving LEDs

Our Constant Current Regulator (CCR) family of devices offer outstanding regulation for LEDs and other current based loads, such as battery charging circuits.

Automotive Applications: The Use of Discrete Constant Current Regulators (CCR) For CHMSL Lighting

LEDs are being proliferated into many automotive lighting applications. The Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL) is one of several automotive applications for LEDs.