With capabilities similar to self-driving cars, autonomous mobile robots are complex designs made up of sub-systems that allow the robot to move, see and operate safely with minimal human interaction.

onsemi minimizes this complexity with reliable intelligent power and sensing solutions that provide the essential building blocks of your design. Our sub-system solutions, ranging from rugged, high-resolution imaging systems to high-power motor control to highly efficient and compact battery charging solutions, are all built using decades of experience serving the automotive industry.

Together, onsemi solutions ensure your development is easy and your industrial robot is adapting and reliable enough to navigate the harshest environments.

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Evaluation/Development Kits

NCN26010XMNEVK 10BASE-T1S MACPHY Evaluation Kit

Purpose is to demonstrate the MACPHYs basic functionality and doubles as a lab tool to allow customers to develop their own embedded software drivers for the NCN26010 device.

RSL15 Evaluation and Development Board

Evaluating the performance and capabilities of RSL15, and for developing, demonstrating and debugging software applications for this device.

Technical Documents

Test Bench for Ultrasonic Sensing ASSP NCV75215

This application note explores the use of ultrasonic time-of-flight measurement in industrial and automotive applications, highlighting its advantages in reliability and performance.

Analytical Evaluation of Signal to Noise Ratios for SiPM and APD in dToF LiDAR Applications

Application Note

All Ethernet to the Edge: 10BASE−T1S

White Paper

Designing Power−Efficient Wireless Location Finding Systems

White Paper

3-phase Inverter Power Module 650 V SPM 31 Series Application Note

This application note provides practical guidelines for designing with the SPM 31 Series power modules. This series of Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) for 3−phase motor drives contains a three−phase inverter stage, gate drivers and a thermistor (Optional).

Solutions and Design Considerations for Autonomous Mobile Robots

White Paper

Inductive Sensor Design Principles

Application Note

A Brief Introduction to Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) Sensors

Application Note

AR0144 IAS Module Prototype 1/4−inch 1.0 Mp Global Shutter

Evaluation Board User Manual

SiPMs in Direct ToF Ranging Applications

White Paper