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Meet our World Changers at ON Semiconductor

by  ON Semiconductor  - 07-30-2020 

At ON Semiconductor, we pride ourselves on being a diverse and inclusive company, offering various positions and opportunities for those looking to join our team and expand their skillset. We also believe in giving back and providing the opportunity for students to learn hands-on what it’s like to work in the semiconductor industry and gaining real experience of what a career looks like after college. We offer positions ranging from human resources to analog devices, supply chain, facilities, corporate social responsibility, applications and solutions engineering, and more. Today on National Intern Day, we’d like to celebrate our world changers at ON Semiconductor and thank all of our interns for their dedication and hard work.

As a global provider of performance power solutions, ON Semiconductor has changed the lives of people around the world and our products are utilized in cell phones, cars, computers and more, playing a big role in operating today's technology. Innovation is a top priority here at ON Semiconductor and we actively hire students and college graduates to help us shape the technological landscape of tomorrow and continue to innovate with fresh, new ideas from our interns. We have a robust internship program and ensure that our interns are set up for success, with many of them becoming full-time employees following their program.

To highlight some of our interns at different sites throughout the country, we had some of them talk about their internship experience at ON Semiconductor and how this has helped them prepare for the future and gain knowledge and experience in the semiconductor industry. We’re grateful for our interns as they share much wisdom and their personal insights with our employees, posing new questions and sharing ideas from a younger generation to create a better tomorrow. Here’s what some of our interns have to say:

Jack Snyder, technical marketing engineering intern | Arizona State University | Phoenix, AZ Office

As an electrical engineering student at Arizona State University, I'm ecstatic to be an intern at ON Semiconductor and believe this experience will help pave the way to success in both my academia and professional career development. It's been rewarding to see how the company utilizes its products and capabilities to make positive real-world impacts.

Hyerin Yoon, human resources management intern | Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University | Phoenix, AZ Office

When seeking out internships, I was drawn to ON Semiconductor due to the ability to be immersed in a diverse environment of people and backgrounds and the opportunity to learn from them. Human Resources is about investing in people, and I'm learning first-hand what it means to value people and culture from a leading global company with championing CSR efforts. I’m excited to further my professional development and I am confident my internship will help me to develop the necessary skills as I continue to grow in my career.  

Saher Elsayed, applications and solutions engineering intern | University of Kansas | Beverton, OR Office

Completing an internship at ON Semiconductor will provide me with the critical experience I need to help meet my end goal of working in the semiconductor industry. I have enjoyed learning more about the semiconductor industry, our products, the various business units and how a global company operates. The reason I choose to intern here because I saw how much they cared for employees and their global, local communities. The people are friendly and they are helping me develop a greater appreciation for semiconductors and the hard work and innovation that goes into developing products.

Kyle Storey, analog design intern | Brigham Young University | Lindon, UT Office

I had an amazing experience interning at ON Semiconductor. I love the diversity of tasks I was exposed to which provided me a robust experience in various branches like analog design, simulation and testing, and applications engineering. I was able to learn which aspect I enjoyed the most, helping me figure out my career goals. Working here allowed me to work with incredibly talented engineers in several fields. I am much better prepared to succeed as I transfer what I have learned in school into skills that I can confidently take into the workplace.

Jonathan Fajardo, advanced solutions group marketing analyst | Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University | Phoenix, AZ Office

My biggest takeaway is that through a period of uncertainty, teamwork is essential. Having open lines of communication is a key component of success no matter the project or team size. My internship gave me LASER focus with the insight I needed to direct my future career path, which is to join the team fulltime! This internship helped me connect the dots of my school learnings, coming to life in a real-world setting and application.

James Zhu, Automotive Power MOSFET Applications Intern | University of Michigan | Ann Arbor, MI Office

It excites me that I get to work the most advanced MOSFET and IGBT technologies and learn from experienced mentors who have many years of experience in the field who can mentor me in developing necessary tools and mindset to excel in the field plus it fits perfectly with my interest in power electronics, semiconductors and control systems that I learned about in school. I appreciate the ability to apply my skills in commissioning dynamometer systems and modeling power circuit designs for rea-world projects and be a vital role in product development.

Allyson Fairchild, automotive field applications engineer | intern to full-time employee | Detroit, MI Office

I started my time with ON Semiconductor as an Analog Design intern in January 2019 while in my junior year at Idaho State University majoring in electrical engineering and minoring in physics. The amount of knowledge, experience and insight I gained during my internship was more than I could have imagined. I benefited from the most incredible mentorship and management to guide me not only through the technical aspects of my internship but also in my future career. My internship set me up for success by helping me to expand my basic knowledge of semiconductors from university classes into a deeper, meaningful understanding. I gained an understanding of practical applications, technical design and simulation and had the opportunity to work closely on a cross-disciplinary team to complete major design projects. I graduated in the spring of 2020 and have joined the team full-time as an automotive field applications engineer in our Detroit, Michigan office.


Learn more about what our current and previous interns in our university relations program say about their experience working at our company and how it aided their career and professional development.

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