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ON Semiconductor's Stance Against Racism and the Importance of Inclusion Within the Workplace

by  Keith Jackson  - 06-08-2020 

Many in my generation were hopeful that equality would be commonplace in America and around the world. Recent incidents serve as a reminder to all of us that this has not yet occurred and is an opportunity for us to help. I view the recent protests with positivity as many allies are walking with our black community. One of the things that makes our company unique, is our desire to strive for continuous growth, improvement and support of each other.

In 2014, we recognized the need to make our leadership and board more reflective of our employees and of the communities in which we operate. While our efforts remain a work in progress, we are committed to these goals and will be taking additional and tangible steps for improvement. We recognize that symbolic support of our black communities is not enough. We need to take action as a company as complacency is not an adequate solution for ensuring equality.

In the coming weeks, the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) council will meet to discuss and recommend a plan of action. This plan may range from expanding our existing efforts to recruit from historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) to funding scholarships for education in our underprivileged communities to supporting organizations that support equality through our foundation. Our company began work in this area last year when B.E.N. (Black Employee Network) was officially launched with a vision that centered on “fostering an environment that is conducive to the recruitment, retention and career advancement of black employees. We are committed to promoting ON Semiconductor’s brand and emerging market penetration in the black community.

ON Semiconductor will continue to communicate our efforts of: 

  • Supporting our D&I Initiative
  • Working alongside our employee-led Affinity Network Groups to support underprivileged communities
  • Continuing with recruiting efforts that align with our D&I objectives
  • Reminding and reinforcing with our employees that we do not tolerate discrimination, bullying, retaliation, etc. as documented in our Code of Business Conduct and by our ethics organization

I ask that all of our employees continue to stand in solidarity against racism, social injustice and inequality, which are consistent with our core values of respect, integrity and initiative. All employees are welcome to join any of our Affinity Network Groups and support each other as allies. While many of us cannot relate to or fully understand what it is like to be oppressed in the ways some of our colleagues may have been, it is more vital now than it has ever been to stand as allies with each other. As an organization, we are intolerant of hatred, discrimination and retaliation.

It is with celebrating our diversity that we can further solidify our company’s foundation and core value of respect in our work environment. It is important to me to leave our world a better place for our children and grandchildren. Only by working alongside each other with respect, and listening, can this become a reality.

I stand with all of you.

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