Machine Vision, used in industrial scanning and inspection applications, cooperative robots (cobots), Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR), and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), is an integral part of Industrial Automation. In manufacturing, Machine Vision allows faster and more accurate product inspection, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Machine Vision applications require cost-effective solutions combining excellent global shutter performance with dynamic range, shutter efficiency, optical format, and availability of a variety of resolutions. The XGS and PYTHON image sensors from onsemi are industry-leading and occupy a significant market share in the industrial market segment. Engineers enjoy a fast time to market using our system-level expertise, rich partner ecosystem, reference designs, evaluation tools, and broad power management portfolio.

Block Diagram

Machine Vision Cobot Block Diagram Image

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What Drives Image Sensor Choice for Machine Vision and ITS?

From frame rates to dynamic range, explore the key specifications you must consider when selecting the right sensor for your machine vision camera.

Evaluation/Development Kits

X-Cube XGS 12000 Color Module Kit

Provides a 29 x 29 mm2 footprint 12 lane camera reference design for XGS image sensors from 16 Mp and lower in resolution.

Technical Documents

Image Sensor ISO Management

Definitions and explanations of Image Sensor technology.

Factory Automation Lens Options

List of lenses that work well with the listed Image Sensors.