Worker Safety: Geniatech’s MuSeOn, an RSL10-based Multi-Sensor Solution

by  Thomas Kettler, Arrow Electronics  - 01-06-2020 

Smart monitoring of industrial assets and workers is one of the major trends in the IoT industry. Existing solutions require major investments in hardware, connectivity, edge analytics and software.

Companies realize that reliable sensor data helps immensely in the digital transformation of their business and is necessary to support the transition. It can be a challenge to maintain, manage, analyze and use this data productively, due to the lack of a solution strategy. Geniatech’s MuSeOn 1.1 is an industrial grade, multi-functional design based on the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit from ON Semiconductor. The platform features the ultra-low-power RSL10 Bluetooth® 5 System-on-Chip (SoC) and industrial-grade sensors with the highest resolutions to measure, detect and identify environmental conditions. This allows MuSeOn 1.1 to act as a digital twin to keep employees safe, as well as helping the administration team to manage, audit and report employee safety. The smart and mobile MuSeOn 1.1 is an embedded multi-sensor platform as a secure edge - as well as a multi-sensor-to-cloud platform that combines the strengths of a low power mobile, multi-sensor device with the key capabilities of leading cloud solutions as an IoT operating system. Hence, it's easy to install, use and maintain.

Geniatech’s MuSeOn 1.1 is a perfect solution for monitoring all kinds of worker safety situations in manufacturing and construction plants/sites, and for industry asset security. It can collect data on air quality, temperature, humidity, light, noise, movement (3-axis/6-axis), as well as providing indoor navigation, NFC, and RFID functionality, and a signal light/signal button.

Geniatech's MuSeOn 1.1

Geniatech’s high performance industrial IoT gateways provide the computational power for predictive analytics on the edge and bring real-time intelligence to the edge gateway. This helps to identify anomalies and behavioral issues, to dramatically reduce maintenance costs. Based on DOCKER and MQTT, the analytics and prediction solution is cloud agnostic. Open integration with the leading cloud platforms provided by Arrow Electronics enables intensive data analytics and processing, using secure connectivity for data ingestion.

The MuSeOn platform from Geniatech is centered on the award winning Integrated IIoT Cloud Solution for Environmental Sensing from Arrow Electronics. MuSeOn fits perfectly into worker safety, digital smart office and industrial sensing solutions. The MuSeOn 1.1 is available exclusively from Arrow Electronics. To see the platform live alongside a number of other exciting demonstrations, visit ON Semiconductor at CES at the Sands Expo/Venetian, Murano 3302.

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