Industrial Automation: Best of 2021

by  onsemi  - 2021-12-31 

In this blog, the onsemi team shares some of their favorite industrial automation solutions from 2021.

RSL15 Secure Bluetooth 5.2 MCU

Steven Dean, Director of Business Marketing, Industrial Solutions

RSL15 Secure Bluetooth 5.2 MCU

There is a lot to be thankful for looking back on the year behind us. We launched our next-generation Bluetooth Low Energy enabled MCU—our RSL15—with much-anticipated fanfare. It’s humbling to extend our product line with such a solid value proposition firmly cemented in our ultra-low-power performance. Those words are not to be taken lightly. The RSL15 performs at the #1 position, earning the highest marks according to the EEMBC for its ULPMark™-CoreMark in the performance category. The RSL15 performs in the #2 position for the ULPMark-CoreProfile and second only to our RSL10. 

Looking forward to the next year and the years to come, this product line helps save the planet. That’s right. This product line shines in any coin-cell battery-operated application. We help reduce toxic waste by reducing the number of batteries consumed and therefore disposed of. The numbers are staggering. Every million RSL15 devices used in these applications converts to roughly one million batteries and 109 kg of lithium. Competitive solutions consume about ten times that over time, meaning that about one metric ton of lithium never hits the landfill when using our Bluetooth LE enabled MCU solutions.    

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NCL31000/31001 - Intelligent LED Drivers

Mike Sandyck, Product Marketing Manager, Connected Light & Buildings

NCL31000 Intelligent LED Driver

Our new family of intelligent LED drivers combines all the elements necessary for modern-day connected lighting systems and supports new technology with Visible Light Communication (VLC) capabilities. The high efficiency in both the LED driver and onboard DC-DC converters offsets these devices. When combined with three levels of measurements, warnings, and fault handling, it provides the core for a robust system design. The NCL31000 is designed for communication, making it easy to send data back upstream to a management system and provide valuable insights.

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XGS 16000

Danny Scheffer, Product Line Manager, Industrial and Commercial Solutions

XGS 16000

With the launch of the XGS 16000, onsemi completes the XGS product family of high-end global shutter CMOS image sensors. The XGS 16000, equipped with all of the benefits of the XGS family, offers 16 megapixels (MP) (4000 x 4000) resolution of each 3.2 x 3.2 µm2 global shutter pixel to make optimal use of the optical Field of View of a 1.1” C-Mount lens. The sensor is available in three-speed grades that result in full-frame rates of 21 to 65 frames per second while consuming a maximum of 1200 mW at 3.3 volts. The sensor is fully pin-compatible with all XGS resolutions between 2 and 12 MP while using the same look and feel of the XGS 20000 up to XGS 45000. The state-of-the-art image quality and square-shaped aspect ratio make the XGS 16000 a perfect solution for various machine vision and microscopy applications.

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RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera

Kane Jia, Application Marketing Engineer

RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera

The RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera is my favorite onsemi design platform from this year. Through enhancements in the hardware design and in the provided firmware, the platform is much smaller and offers an expected battery life of 5 years. With these enhancements, alongside support for color imaging and cloud-based AI services, the RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera will enable various new applications, including greenhouse monitoring, food inspection, and storage space monitoring.

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