Delivering Secure, Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth® 5 Beacons

by  Bruno Damien  - 03-04-2020 

From predictive maintenance to factory automation, industrial IoT applications will benefit from the ability to track and monitor assets, analyze data and run AI algorithms to or from cloud servers.

With security top of mind for these applications, ON Semiconductor has collaborated via our Ecosystem Partners, with tatwah sa, an IoT solutions company, and WISeKey, a leading cybersecurity provider, to deliver an IoT Secure Beacon based on the RSL10 radio.

The IoT Secure Beacon uses a secure microcontroller to protect wireless transmissions to and from a cloud server using a standard Bluetooth Low Energy frame format to transmit secured frames. Designed specifically for tracking and monitoring industrial assets, the beacons provide a number of innovative features including multi-sensor capabilities, security enhancements, and Bluetooth connectivity to transmit asset information.

The RSL10 Sensor Development Kit

The devices have been based on the RSL10 Sensor Development Kit, a compact platform that combines the RSL10 System-in-Package (RSL10 SIP) alongside a number of environmental sensors. The RSL10 radio from ON Semiconductor, which supports advanced Bluetooth 5 features while providing the industry’s lowest power consumption in deep sleep and active modes. Using the impressive power management of the RSL10, the IoT Beacon delivers long battery life and a duty cycle of 30 seconds. The IoT Secure Beacon was easily developed using RSL10’s comprehensive suite of development software, which includes an Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with FreeRTOS™, various mobile apps, and Firmware Over The Air (FOTA) and mesh networking applications.

The tamper-resistant VaultIC407 microcontroller from WiSeKey allows the RSL10 to securely store and use digital certificates, providing mutual authentication and end-to-end security, a top priority for many IoT manufacturers particularly within the industrial space

The VaultIC407 is used as toolbox by RSL10 for implementing the required security protocols. These protocols are provided back-end protection by WiSeKey's Hardware Security Module (NetHSM) hosted in their secure Swiss Cloud Service.

The IoT Secure Beacon uses a unique private key to protect the device against common types of cybersecurity threats including device cloning and replay attacks. It also ensures that transmitted data is uniquely signed and authenticated by the web domain authority. WISeKey provides all required services to enable IoT devices with strong digital identities, which are endorsed by a worldwide-trusted Root Certification Authority acting as the common “Root of Trust”.

Secured IoT Ecosystem

Further benefits of WISeKey’s technology comes by combining the use of personal identities and object identities, particularly in use-cases related to predictive maintenance. Every action (e.g., change of configuration/connection) made by a stakeholder interacting with the Secured IoT Ecosystem is digitally signed and stored in a block-chain. This provides legally binding and immutable records.

Sample Mobile Application



The IoT Secure Beacon will enable a number of innovative solutions within industrial IoT including secured asset tracking and cold-chain monitoring, helping manufacturers track their assets while giving them peace of mind in knowing that their information is safe and secure.


Learn more about the RSL10 Sensor Kit today and how it can be used for your design and solution needs.

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