Easy Control Loop Measurement and Verification

by  Didier Balocco  - 07-31-2018 

In a linear or switching power supply, or any system with feedback, the designer will need to ensure that the control loop is stable by measuring the gain and phase margin at various system states. ON Semiconductor’s Control Loop Measurement Board is an interface board to help you do just that, using our NCS2005 Low Power, 8MHz GBWP Operational Amplifier.

In the video below, we demonstrate how to use the Control Loop Measurement Board: CONTROL-LOOP-GEVB. The test setup is described step by step using a FAN65005A-GEVB evaluation board as the point-of-load system under test, with results are shown using a simple network analyzer.


For more details on the theory and practice of measuring the control loop stability, you can check out the following resources below:

White Paper: Control Loop Design and Easy Verification Method 

Training Slides: Control Loop Design Tutorial.

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