Bruno Damien Blog Library

The Battery Life of Asset Tags - Why Five Months is Too Short  
by Bruno Damien - 06-03-2021
An Energy Harvesting Switch for Smart Homes and Building Automation 
by Bruno Damien - 12-08-2020
Connected Lighting Enabling Intelligent Buildings 
by Bruno Damien - 03-09-2020
Delivering Secure, Ultra-Low-Power Bluetooth® 5 Beacons 
by Bruno Damien - 03-04-2020
Continuous Battery Free Sensor Monitoring 
by Bruno Damien - 04-10-2019
Enabling Battery-less IoT Solutions with Bluetooth® Low Energy 
by Bruno Damien - 11-20-2018
Enabling Customers to Rapidly Develop and Deploy IoT Devices 
by Bruno Damien - 02-26-2018
Overcoming Cloud Based IoT Development Challenges 
by Bruno Damien - 05-17-2017
A Modular Approach to IoT Development 
by Bruno Damien - 03-09-2017
Three Hot Topics at EUW 2015 
by Bruno Damien - 10-29-2015
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