onsemi provides a diverse portfolio of image sensors with innovative features and capabilities by delivering excellent image quality at low power consumption. This portfolio addresses a wide variety of applications such as biometric scanners, facial recognition systems, state-of-the-art surveillance cameras, and security & safety systems.

Our image sensors are built to overcome challenging lighting conditions by offering wide dynamic range and low-light performance to give your device the best results in any circumstance. onsemi offers a comprehensive image sensor product portfolio that supports low power consumption. Our best-in-class image sensor development ecosystem software saves design time and enables short time to market (TTM).

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Technical Documents

High Dynamic Range Imaging Using Intelligent Linearization in eHDR Technology

For applications such as security and surveillance, body cameras, doorbell cameras and robotics there is a high demand for image sensors to work under harsh imaging conditions for both image viewing and machine vision use−cases.

Increasing Object Recognition Accuracy with Low Bandwidth High Dynamic Range (eHDR)