RSL10 Smart Shot Camera Named Sensor Innovation of the Year

by  Amy Heimpel  - 11-03-2021 

Industrial processes have used machine vision systems for some time, but the introduction of artificial intelligence and machine learning helps these systems move into a variety of new applications.

These systems will pervade all verticals and augment multiple roles. Maintenance is one area where AI will support engineers servicing complex machinery. Other sectors, such as farming, will use machine vision to monitor the health of crops remotely and use this information to adjust irrigation cycles, ventilation, and more.

There is significant growth in the commercial availability of cloud platforms providing the AI back-end to these applications. Thanks to lower costs, access to these platforms increases, while higher accuracy drives demand. This creates a virtuous cycle of investment that will make it simpler to connect machine vision solutions to AI cloud platforms.

Part of the key to this growth will be the availability of ultra-low-power sensor solutions. These new applications will require an ‘always-on’ presence – solutions that combine high performance with low power – ready to capture images whenever needed.

Connectivity will also be critical, of course. With the heavy lifting of AI analysis in the cloud, the sensor platforms can be smaller and more power-efficient. Still, they will need to include high-speed and reliable connectivity for the backhaul; the ultra-low-power credentials of the Bluetooth® Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) wireless protocol play an essential and enabling role here.

Adding Bluetooth LE technology to a sensor platform provides a comprehensive yet straightforward method of wirelessly connecting a machine vision sensor platform to cloud services. Using an IoT gateway, or even a smartphone, the sensor platform can transfer image data and other sensor information to a cloud platform, where it can be analyzed using AI. Actions can then be sent back to the sensor platform or other connected smart actuator.

onsemi developed the RSL10 Smart Shot Camera to address this issue, allowing developers to create endpoints and imaging applications that automatically capture valuable images such as those triggered by events, including motion or environmental changes (time, humidity, or temperature). Recently enhanced to support mono and color imaging, the compact, low-power camera solution allows fully portable image sensing in places where it was not previously possible.

 RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera

Figure 1. The RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera

The platform can operate long-term in an energy-conserving low power mode while monitoring a specific region of interest within its field of view. Captured images can be sent to the provided mobile application over Bluetooth LE, allowing for onward connectivity to the cloud or artificial intelligence (AI) recognition services to identify objects within the image.

Electronics Maker magazine in India recognized the RSL10 Smart Shot Camera with the Sensor Innovation of the Year Award due to its innovative design and ability to open up imaging applications previously unavailable. These prestigious awards recognize the achievements of companies that demonstrate excellence in product innovations, chosen by an independent judging committee, including the top editorial team of EM Media.

The RSL10 Smart Shot Color Camera is available now through local onsemi sales support and authorized distributors.

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