ON Semiconductor Technology Seminars: Innovations in Smart Homes and Buildings

by  ON Semiconductor  - 07-17-2019 

The total smart home and building market will be worth about $200 billion USD by 2024. With a steady rise in the number of households, driven both by population increase and reduction in an average number of people per household, the total smart home market is projected to be about 70 percent of the total $200 billion. 

In addition to improving convenience, a key goal of these technologies is saving energy, which is driving rapid adoption of solid-state and connected lighting, occupancy monitoring and addition of sensors for predictive maintenance. 

Hosted in 11 key locations across Europe, North America and Asia; the ON Semiconductor Technology Seminar: Innovations in Smart Homes and Buildings will explore the technologies transforming and innovating this market within the Internet of Things (IoT). The seminars will feature hands-on activities, demonstrations, and presentations led by experts in consumer and Industrial IoT markets.

Exploring the main challenges facing manufacturers in this growing area, the seminars will explore how to enhance security, reduce energy consumption and improve comfort. A variety of solutions from sensing, connectivity and complete node-to-cloud platforms from both ON Semiconductor and partners will also be discussed.

Join us this fall and gain insight from the industry’s leading experts on topics including:

  • Vision IoT
  • Low-Power and Battery-Free Sensor Devices
  • Connected Lighting
  • Audio Edge AI

See below for a list of all our seminar locations and dates. Be sure to join us at a location closest to you.


  • Shanghai - September 17th
  • Shenzhen - September 19th
  • Beijing - October 22nd
  • Taipei - October 24th

North America

  • Austin – October 22nd
  • Boston – October 24th
  • Seattle – November 5th
  • San Jose – November 7th


  • Milton Keynes – November 5th
  • Munich – November 7th
  • Milan – November 8th

Registration for the 2019 ON Semiconductor Technology Seminars is now open for AsiaNorth America and Europe

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Looking forward to Boston Seminar
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