ON Semiconductor Significantly Expands Its Automotive Qualified Parts Portfolio for Vehicle Electrification Solutions

by  Deres Eshete  - 08-23-2017 

ON Semiconductor Power Solutions Group (PSG) has accelerated the expansion of its products portfolio in discrete, ICs, modules and drivers targeting power efficient solutions in automotive applications. The number of automotive qualified devices in the Power Solutions Group portfolio now exceeds 4,000, the largest of any supplier in the industry. In addition, the power semiconductor solutions for vehicle electrification have also grown to a record level. 

Data sources: IHS Markit, WSTS, public web sites as of August 2017

While some automotive semiconductor suppliers are reducing their focus on standard products, ON Semiconductor is continuing to invest in the basic building blocks for automotive grade standard discrete devices while expanding the portfolio for power solutions targeting vehicle electrification. In the existing standard and performance discretes portfolio, the latest expansions include low forward voltage portfolio of rectifiers, a family of precision and current sense amplifiers, high ESD rated digital transistors, low clamping ESD protection devices, RF discretes, high noise rejection (high PSRR) LDOs for image sensors and Industry’s first true grade 0 (150°C) EEPROMs combined with expanded small form factor automotive AOI compatible wettable flank packages.  These are prime examples of the focus on the continuous investment in the existing standard and performance products for the automotive market.

ON Semiconductor Power Solutions Group (PSG) Automotive Semiconductor Solutions

For the fast growing vehicle electrification market, ON Semiconductor has introduced many devices in IGBTs, low mid and high voltage MOSFETs, high voltage rectifiers, automotive modules and digital isolated gate drivers as well as a 80 and 100V MOSFETs for 48V systems. The latest additions to the automotive power semiconductor portfolio include 650V to 1200V IGBTs for the main inverters, 1200V SiC diodes, 650V Superjuction MOSFETs for chargers, 80V-200V very low RDSon (< 1mohm to 10 mohm) discrete MOSFETs and modules for 48V systems, 600 to 1200V Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) for EV auxiliary systems, and various 40V-60V MOSFETs for pumps and motors.

Looking ahead, ON Semiconductor Power Solutions Group is expanding its portfolio with solutions targeting next generation power semiconductors including WBG (SiC and GaN) for vehicle electrification, a complete portfolio of eFuses for wire reduction and battery-free Smart Passive Sensors for added functionality in automotive sensing/body applications.


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