Bob Card Blog Library

The Role of Inductive Position Sensors in Industrial and Automotive Applications  
by Bob Card - 09-14-2023
How onsemi’s Lighting, Sensors, and Communication Solutions can be used for Autonomous Mobile Robots 
by Bob Card - 07-13-2023
Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Design: A New Starting Point 
by Bob Card - 08-31-2021
The Cordless Power Tool Ecosystem 
by Bob Card - 05-11-2021
Convergence of 5G, Fast Charging and USB-C™ Programmable Power Supplies 
by Bob Card - 08-25-2020
How to Power Smart Buildings with PoE 
by Bob Card - 08-19-2020
Achieving a 10-Year Battery Life with Bluetooth Low Energy and Proprietary Wireless Protocols 
by Bob Card - 08-05-2020
ON Semiconductor Advances Li-ion Charging Designs with Small Form Factor Solutions 
by Bob Card - 04-08-2020
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