Remote radio heads are one of the most critical subsystems of the Telecom infrastructure that are placed on top of base station towers and are used to connect wireless devices to a central hub. The growing number of 5G connections leads to denser network deployments making it a challenge to reduce power consumption and improve system performance. Rising temperatures in a dense network can affect the performance of the antennas impacting overall system performance. onsemi’s innovative technology helps us build products with a small footprint, high power density, and high efficiency due to lower on-resistance.

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Evaluation/Development Kits

NCP1568 100-400V Input, 48W DC-DC Evaluation board

The NCP1568DC48WGEVB is a 48 W, wide range DC input of 120 V to 400 V, constant voltage power supply intended for Server AUX power and other DC input applications requiring a low profile with high efficiency and high power density.

Strata Enabled NCP3235, 23V Input, 15A, Synchronous Buck Converter with Internal MOSFETs

Strata enables seamless evaluation of hardware devices such as this configurable NCP3235 regulator.

Application daughter-card for NCP51530 half-bridge gate driver

The SECO-NCP51530HB-GEVB helps users to simplify and accelerate the design phase in high voltage gate driver applications with the NCP51530, two different MOSFET packages (DFN5 and WDFN8) and numerous test points, in order to obtain optimal performance.

WebDesigner+ Power Supply

Create your power supply designs with the online WebDesigner+ Power Supply design tool.

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Technical Documents

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