April 09, 2024


The CEM102 Analog front-end (AFE) offers unmatched accuracy and low power consumption in the measurement of biochemicals, air quality, gases and hazardous chemicals

What’s New: Today, onsemi announced the availability of the CEM102, a state-of-the-art miniaturized analog front-end (AFE) that enables electrochemical sensing with highest accuracy at very low currents. With its small form factor and the industry’s lowest power consumption, it allows engineers to create versatile and compact solutions for industrial, environmental and healthcare applications such as air and gas detection, food processing and agricultural monitoring as well as medical wearables such as continuous glucose monitors.

Why It Matters: From life and environmental sciences to industrial material and food processing, the ability to measure chemicals can provide greater insights, elevating safety, efficiency and awareness. In laboratories, mining operations and material manufacturing, electrochemical sensors such as potentiostat or corrosion sensors serve as important tools for providing feedback within production systems and managing hazardous substances, ensuring not only the proper functioning of the process but also the safety of employees and operation.

By creating very small and extremely low power solutions, the CEM102 is ideal for applications that rely on battery-operated electrochemical sensors. Industrial safety equipment such as portable gas detection will alert workers of potential hazards when they are in remote settings or where mobility is needed.

How It Works: The CEM102 is designed to be used together with the RSL15 Bluetooth® 5.2 enabled microcontroller, which provides the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth Low Energy technology. As a complete electronics solution, it allows biosensors and environmental sensors to accurately measure chemical current while operating with very low system power consumption and wide supply voltage range. The seamless integration of the two components, along with their compact size and industry-leading power efficiency, play a crucial role in making devices smaller and ensuring their long-lasting functionality – a vital factor for battery-powered solutions.

The combined offering is part of onsemi’s analog and mixed-signal portfolio and designed to streamline development and promote greater integration and innovation for the next generation of amperometric sensor technologies. It provides designers with optimal flexibility for creating high-performance, energy-efficient and interconnected applications. Aside from that, the solution offers greater accuracy, noise reduction and low power consumption compared to other offerings. It also allows for a simplified bill of materials (BoM), easy calibration and reduces manufacturing complexity.

With a broad 1.3 to 3.6 V supply voltage range, the system can operate from a 1.5 V silver oxide battery or a 3 V coin cell. Its operation consumes just 50 nA in disabled mode, 2 uA in sensor biased mode, and 3.5 uA in active measurement mode with the 18-bit ADC continuously converting. This translates to a market leading 14 days of operation with only a 3 mAh battery or several years with larger size batteries.

The CEM102 features:

  • Complete two-channel solution for electrochemical measurement (system level)
  • Supports from one to four electrodes
  • Extremely low system current consumption
  • Supports two battery selections of either 1.3 - 1.65V or 2.375 - 3.6V
  • High resolution ADC, several DACs for continuous bias setting and factory-trimmed system
  • Detection of abnormal sensor conditions and host processor wakeup
  • Small footprint - 1.884 x 1.848 mm packaging

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