At onsemi, we’re doing our part to build a brighter future today. We appreciate your interest in the onsemi philanthropic goals and objectives. onsemi issues grants to eligible organizations in the communities in which we operate. Please see below for details on our giving priorities, eligibility criteria, and information on how to apply.

Learn more about the organizations that received funding during the 2023 grant cycle here.

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) Education

Our Giving Now program

Our new onsemi Giving Now program drives positivity forward by creating meaningful change for our planet and every community we live and work in around the globe. Together we can make the world a better place in three simple ways:

Give to Donate

Match employee giving and support volunteerism for causes they care about most.

Give to Educate

STEAM education to help students in underserved communities achieve their dreams.

Give to Help

Provide local disaster relief and revitalize communities after emergencies.

Eligibility Criteria

onsemi donates to educational institutions and charitable organizations in the communities in which we operate. onsemi directs charitable giving to organizations that meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The organization must be an educational institution or have tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code, or the equivalent status as per local, provincial, state or federal laws outside of the U.S.
  • Canada-based organizations must be registered with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or an educational institution.
  • International (Europe or Asia) based organizations must, at a minimum, be a nonprofit or educational institution recognized by laws of the country and not designated as an organization that funds terrorist activities or on an ‘exclusion’ list in the countries where onsemi has operations.
  • The organization must conduct its operations in communities with an onsemi presence.
  • The organization must align with onsemi giving priorities. (see above)
  • The organization must follow local, state and national laws and regulations.
  • The organization must align with core values of respect, integrity and initiative at onsemi.
  • The organization must align with anti-discrimination declaration in our human rights policy at onsemi.

onsemi does not generally support the following types of organizations:

  • Faith-based organizations.
  • Organizations that are political in nature (advocacy, lobbying endorsing candidates for political office).
  • Organizations that are fraternal or a labor union.
  • Organizations that are trade or business-related.
  • Organizations that are athletic in nature.
  • Parent Teacher Associations (or similar activity in Europe/Asia).
  • Boy or girl scouting organizations involving family members.
  • Animal welfare organizations.

Organizations may not re-submit a grant application for the same program more than once every twelve months.

Learn more about our Code of Business Conduct.

Grant Cycle

Our mission is to “Give to Educate” while championing STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) Education activities for the underprivileged youth in underserved communities with a goal to launch the next generation of game-changing innovators. This will help and inspire young scholars to get excited about science, technology, engineering, art and math.

Grant Application Timeline

Future Grant Cycle

Application portal will open on 5/1/24 and run through 7/31/24.

Once applications have been received, Giving Now program staff will:

  • conduct an initial screening, reviewing for completeness and eligibility;
  • read and score eligible proposals;
  • meet to rank proposals and make funding recommendations.

Approved grant applicants will be announced within eight weeks after the application deadline.

Also, please note that onsemi requires approved grantees to report back on how the grant was used one year from donation. A survey form is sent via email and this report is the organization’s opportunity to share their successes tied to the project/program funded while demonstrating the impact of their work. We value these reports as a means of being transparent and accountable with our philanthropy efforts.

Additional Program Details

In order to prepare your organization for our upcoming granting cycle, please ensure that you are registered in the Benevity causes portal. By doing so you'll be connecting your cause to corporate giving, granting and volunteering programs that can make a huge difference to your funding. You can also sign up for EFT payments to get funded faster, and build a profile that makes it easier for people to find your organization and support your cause. Click here to check if you are already registered (and if you can't find your organization in the search, feel free to fill out the form linked under 'contact our causes support team.'). Please note that your registration to be on the Benevity causes portal will take time to process and will be required before you can apply for funding. Also, signing up for EFT payments will be required for any organizations located outside of the U.S. and Canada. For any additional questions, please email

  • Previous grantees who submitted an outcomes report on-time will be scored and assessed more favorably.
  • Organizations may not re-submit a grant application for the same program more than once every twelve months.
  • onsemi reserves the right to decline funding to organizations it may deem inappropriate for funding and not in keeping with general operating principles.
  • All grant decisions are final and at the discretion of the Giving Now program staff.