Sudhir Gopalswamy

Hello, I am

Sudhir Gopalswamy

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Advanced Solutions Group


Sudhir Gopalswamy joined onsemi in March 2022 and is currently the senior vice president and general manager of the Advanced Solutions Group (ASG), responsible for business group strategy, long-term product roadmaps and organization to ultimately drive gross margin and operating income. Prior to his role in ASG, Sudhir was the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) driving our corporate strategy development, annual strategic planning cycle, as well as key initiatives in our Gross Margin task force.

Sudhir is a seasoned leader with a proven track record in leading global, cross-functional organizations. He excels at conceptualizing and delivering semiconductor, software and system-level solutions for our focus segments.

Before joining onsemi, Sudhir was a Senior Advisor to early-stage Silicon Valley startups pursuing disruptive automation in the automotive, industrial and health sectors. Prior to that, Sudhir was the Executive Vice President and Board Member of the Connected Secure Systems Division of Infineon Technologies, where he was responsible for post-acquisition integration, oversight of the IoT Compute & Wireless business line and contributing to the division strategy and execution. Through the Infineon acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor, he successfully integrated Cypress Business Units into the Infineon organization while achieving record-level revenue and profit through the COVID-19 pandemic. Before joining Cypress, Sudhir held leadership positions with ever-increasing scope at Intel Corporation and Conexant Systems, Inc.

Sudhir holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, as well as a Master in Business Administration from Duke University. He also attended Stanford Directors’ College at Stanford University, a top-tier executive education program for directors and senior executives of publicly traded firms.