ON Semiconductor Introduces Automotive Solutions for Next Generation Body Electronics Applications

Company introduces three new automotive devices at Electronica 2010 to address in-vehicle networking, LED Lighting, and load management

The new NCV7321 is a fully featured local interconnect network (LIN) transceiver

Electronica – MUNICH, Germany – Nov. 8, 2010 – ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN), a premier supplier of high performance silicon solutions for energy efficient electronics, has announced the launch of three new products specifically targeted at the automotive market sector at Electronica 2010. All three devices support current and next generation body electronics applications.

Automotive is a key market area for ON Semiconductor with the company offering a broad portfolio of robust, innovative integrated devices that enable energy efficient solutions that reduce emissions, improve fuel economy, and enhance lighting, safety, connectivity, and infotainment power delivery systems. AEC qualified, Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) capable devices are offered to perform a range of functions including power management, protection, processing, signal conditioning and control.

Electronica 2010 – ON Semiconductor Automotive Sector Product Launches
The new NCV7321 is a fully featured local interconnect network (LIN) transceiver designed to interface between a LIN protocol controller and the physical bus in low data rate in-vehicle networking (IVN) applications. Excellent electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) coupled with robust system level electrostatic discharge (ESD) performance of up to 13 kilovolts (kV) that negates the need for external ESD components, makes the NCV7321 ideal for the typically harsh environments found in automotive applications.

By utilizing ON Semiconductor’s innovative I3T technology, high voltage and sensitive digital technology are able to co-exist on the same chip. Typical applications for the compact, space-saving SOIC-8 packaged NCV7321 include a wide range of body electronics functions such as door locks, power mirrors and seat adjusters, plus other functions including electronic steering locks and tire guard electronic control units (ECUs).

Automotive power saving objectives are well supported by the NCV7321 which draws only 10 microamperes (µA) in sleep mode. Other key features include thermal shutdown, indefinite short circuit protection and 45 volts (V) load dump protection.

ON Semiconductor’s new NCV7608 is an octal configurable low-side / high-side driver. The compact AEC Q10X-12 (rev.A) qualified SOIC-28W packaged device is able to operate at junction temperatures ranging from -40 °C to +150 °C. With a wide input voltage range of 3.15 V to 5.25 V, and eight fully independent output drivers that can be configured in any combination of high-side, low-side, or half-bridge configurations, the NCV7608 offers maximum flexibility to designers tasked with driving a large number of loads.

Digital control of all output stages can be carried out through the integrated standard Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). This also allows diagnostic fault information to be acquired. In addition, four channels can be pulse width modulation (PWM) controlled via external control input pins. The new device has a typical on state resistance (RDSON) of just 1.2 ohms (Ω), at 25 ⁰C, helping to significantly extend battery life.

Positive/negative transient, over-current, and over-temperature protection functions are all included in the NCV7608’s comprehensive specification. Integrated clamping circuits (both in high-side and low-side operational modes) ensure over-voltage protection plus under-voltage lockout.

Finally, ON Semiconductor has announced the development of the NCV786xx Power Ballast and Dual LED Driver product platform for advanced LED front lighting systems.  Developed to support system level requirements for driving multiple LED strings of up to 60 V, PWM dimming to maintain LED color temperature, and controlled average current, the product platform enables designers to control high and low beams, daytime running lights, turn indicators, and fog lights with one system-on-chip device. The platform allows communication with an external microcontroller to change operating parameters after power-up, implement LED-short detection, and provide advanced system diagnostics.

The product platform will be presented in a conference paper - “Highly efficient system-on-chip LED driver for automotive front lighting” - in the Automotive Forum at Electronica. The first product – the NCV78663 - will be released to market in 2011.

Automotive Sector Demonstrations at Electronica
The automotive area of the company’s stand at Electronica will address the company’s latest solutions for LED vehicle lighting (front, rear and interior), fuel efficiency and sensing (for gasoline, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles) and infotainment power delivery and connectivity. Demonstrations will clearly show the benefits of the company’s semiconductor solutions in working products. Company experts will also be available to discuss custom automotive ASICs for the vehicle market.

Visit ON Semiconductor at Electronica 2010, 9 – 12 November, Hall A5, Stand 225

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