March 06, 2023


onsemi to Unveil Sustainable Innovations at embedded world

NUREMBERG, Germany – March 6, 2023 – onsemi (Nasdaq: ON), a leader in intelligent power and sensing technologies, will demo the company’s latest sustainable innovations at embedded world. The must-attend event for developers, system architects, product managers and technical management is taking place from March 14-16, 2023, at the Exhibition Centre in Nuremberg, Germany, and onsemi can be found at booth 260 in hall 4A.

This year’s theme of embedded world is embedded, responsible and sustainable – a great fit for onsemi. Our five demo spaces will address four key application areas:

onsemi will announce two new products at the show and display them at its booth:

  • 8 Megapixel (MP) image sensor with advanced eHDR processing: Designed to provide high-quality imaging in challenging lighting conditions, the innovative 4K/8 MP sensor features embedded High Dynamic Range (eHDR) technology. Using this technique, images with a dynamic range as high as 120 dB can be produced.
  • Industry’s lowest power automotive-grade Bluetooth® LE MCU: Extending onsemi’s low-power Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE) capabilities into the automotive market, the AEC-Q100 qualified device is ideal for tire monitoring and vehicle access applications. The solution features the latest in embedded security and helps vehicle manufacturers looking to implement wireless connectivity to reduce the cost and weight of cabling associated with vehicle sensing and communications.

Visitors to the booth will see several interactive demos that showcase key features and benefits of onsemi’s innovative technology. Highlights will include:

  • Multi-station 10BASE-T1S Gaming:Four stations allow a network game to be played over a 10BASE-T1S multi-drop segment, with an additional station being able to monitor network traffic. Cabling will double the standard requirements (50 m vs. 25 m) to demonstrate the capabilities of onsemi’s NCN26010 10BASE-T1S transceiver.
  • RSL15 Asset Tracking and Location: We will show how the RSL15 Bluetooth® Low Energy secure wireless microcontroller uses Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) technology for asset tracking and location in a simulated environment, with asset tags and an active locator.
  • Smart Machine Vision: Three separate demonstrations will focus on the capabilities of onsemi’s advanced image sensors in an industrial context. One will show how a full-resolution image requires too much bandwidth, but by using Smart ROI (region-of-interest) technology, the camera can automatically zoom into the most useful region of a scene. A second demo will show the capabilities of these devices to wake only when they detect motion, which conserves power.
  • Indirect Time-of-Flight (iTOF): A demo showing how image sensors can be used to create valuable depth maps over two distances – 2 m and 6 m.
  • Firmware-over-the-air (FOTA): This demo will illustrate the wireless updating of embedded firmware on an RSL15-based device, showing visitors how operation can be changed remotely. The demo will highlight the simplicity of the tools and updating process.
  • EV Charging: Charging EVs rapidly and efficiently is vital to the future of the automotive industry. On display will be a new 25 kW EV charger board.
  • Industrial Drives and Pumps: onsemi will also show how its motor drive technology is used in an application example from a key medical customer.
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots: Perhaps the most eye-catching demo, the AMR is fully functional and features an interactive cobot arm.

Visit the onsemi booth (Hall 4A, booth 260) and let our technical experts introduce you to onsemi’s innovations.