onsemi Returns to Season 7 Formula E with Mercedes-EQ FE Team

by  onsemi  - 2021-02-24 

As a proud supplier of the Mercedes-EQ Formula E racing team, onsemi is excited for the first race of the Formula E season. It will be the first opportunity to show the teams’ work on developing next-generation electric powertrain innovations for cutting-edge performance and efficiency.

The technical collaboration between onsemi and the Mercedes AMG High Power Performance (HPP) division has delivered significant advances for the car.

The use of onsemi silicon carbide in the power inverter improved the car’s performance over previous designs while also allowing for increased torque and acceleration.

Throughout the season, the teams will continue to evaluate continual performance improvement of the power inverter power stage components

“Over the course of our collaboration, HPP has benefitted from onsemi’s high-tech products, the team’s in-depth understanding of its technology and a willingness to push the envelope to support our racing requirements,” said Pierre Godof, chief engineer, Formula E Powertrain at Mercedes HPP. “onsemi has been working tirelessly to optimize inverter power stage energy efficiency, providing us with an important advantage over the competition.”

As a top 10 global semiconductor supplier to the automotive industry, and with an industry-leading portfolio of more than 10,000 automotive-grade (AEC) products, participating in Formula E provides an opportunity for onsemi to accelerate the development of innovative and energy-efficient products.

onsemi silicon carbide technology has been put through testing of 140 race events or what equates to 10 seasons worth of testing.

“Using state of the art silicon carbide technology from onsemi has enabled the Mercedes-EQ Formula E team to create the most efficient and reliable of the racecar’s power inverter to date,” said David Somo, senior vice president strategy, marketing & solutions at onsemi. “Formula E is pushing the boundaries in power conversion, thermal dynamics, and advanced software control. Technologies that will be tested through the sponsorship are all highly relevant and transferable to applications in next-generation electric vehicles, which will make consumer vehicles travel farther, safer and more reliable.”

To learn more about how onsemi is creating energy-efficient advances for vehicle electrification, visit our solutions page.

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