December 13, 2023


The Best of 2023: Automotive Solutions

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It’s the time of the year to reflect – the automotive edition. onsemi continues to lead the trends with innovative power and sensing solutions for vehicle electrification and advanced safety applications. Our comprehensive portfolio of automotive-qualified solutions is not only designed to address the demands of diverse OEM vehicle platforms but also offers scalability. onsemi solutions provide the flexibility and customization our customers need to help them solve the world’s most complex challenges and lead the way to creating a safer, cleaner, and smarter world.

onsemi's intelligent power technologies boost the electrification of the automotive industry. Our high-voltage silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs and integrated automotive power modules (APM) allow for lighter and longer-range electric vehicles (EVs) and enable efficient fast-charging systems. In addition, onsemi is uniquely positioned as one of the few end-to-end SiC solution suppliers from substrate to module.

Not to forget our latest generation of automotive-qualified, multi-award-winning 1200 V EliteSiC M3S MOSFETs, featuring industry-leading ultra-low Rds(on) and gate charge QG. Optimized to minimize switching losses, these devices are specifically designed for high-power on-board chargers (OBCs) of up to 22 kW and high-voltage to low-voltage DC-DC converters.

Best Power Semiconductor of 2023 EE Asia Awards

Our transfer-molded EliteSiC power modules are great building blocks for your compact PFC, LLC, and secondary stages for OBC and DC-DC converters in EVs. They deliver low conduction and switching losses, combined with best-in-class thermal resistance and high voltage isolation, to deal with 800 V bus voltage, enabling faster charging and increased range for EVs. Our APM21 integrates six 100 V MOSFETs (3x half-bridge) and can handle 3 phases for typical automotive applications like 48 V Inverter, E-compressor and other high-power auxiliaries.

For many automotive motor control and DC-DC conversion applications, our top-cool MOSFETs provide excellent electrical efficiency and eliminate the printed circuit board (PCB) from the thermal path. The innovative top cooling package allowing heat to be dissipated directly into a heatsink rather than via a PCB, resulting in a simplified thermal design and saved PCB space while showcasing exceptional performance.

To protect critical downstream loads while minimizing PCB area, onsemi’s electronic fuses (efuses) are great for hot-plug situation and applications where power glitches or load faults are common. The latest efuse (NIV3071) is the first 4-channel, 60 V, 10 A device in the market. These efuses which integrate overcurrent, thermal and overvoltage protection are ideal choice for replacing legacy fuses and mechanical relays in automotive applications such as zonal control, body control and power distributions.

On the sensing side, our Hyperlux image sensor family was recently named highly commended Automotive Product of the Year by the Electronics Industry Awards. The state-of-the-art automotive sensors are packed with features such as 150 dB high dynamic range and flicker free operation and low light performance. The ultra-low power consumption and compact size of Hyperlux are surely a great plus in EVs. The Hyperlux sensor family makes the top choice for carmakers and OEMs who are looking to achieve the highest level of vehicle safety and automation while supporting Vision Zero initiative.

The Electronics Industry Awards 2023
The Electronics Industry Awards 2023

Beyond technological innovations, onsemi signed strategic agreements with global automotive OEMs and Tier 1 to provide close technical collaboration and supply assurance. The cherry on top is the recent recognition from EE Asia Awards which named onsemi the 2023 Featured Automotive Electronics Solutions Supplieronsemi is committed to driving transformation of the automotive industry that prepare for a better future.

2023 Featured Automotive Electronics Solution Supplier by EE Asia Awards
Winner of the 2023 Featured Automotive Electronics Solution Supplier by EE Asia Awards

We hope you enjoy reading about the selection of our featured automotive products/solutions of the year. We will continue to push innovation to bring more intelligent power and sensing solutions in the new year. Don’t forget to check out our community forums where you can chat with onsemi engineers about your current projects or read about frequently asked questions from your peers.



The evolution of automotive with advancements in autonomous driving, ADAS, vehicle electrification, and the exponential increase in electronics content for vehicle platforms, including crucial semiconductor technologies, is altering the boundaries of personal transportation. Vehicle occupants are safer with high-performance CMOS imaging, LIDAR, radar, and semiconductor technologies, allowing sensor fusion algorithms the ability to detect critical details for immediate action.


This integration of semiconductors plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall functionality and safety features of modern vehicles. Electrified powertrains reduce the overall CO2 output of the transportation sector while providing improved range and broadening the options for vehicle platforms traditionally based on the internal combustion engine (ICE).

Lighting is becoming more intelligent to supplement ADAS systems and to provide brand customization. LED-based applications provide higher-intensity illumination while reducing electrical loading and improving the driving experience.

With over 20 years of supporting the automotive sector and a complete portfolio of AEC-qualified products, onsemi enables customers to design high-reliability applications that create value for the end-user while delivering peak performance.


onsemi has developed a new 2.1 µm super-exposure pixel image sensor family - Hyperlux, with a unique set of features that cater to both sensing and viewing camera applications. Hyperlux sensors range from 3 Megapixel (MP), 8MP and higher, capable of capturing unmatched 150 dB high dynamic range (HDR) images with 120 dB single exposure flicker free range. The Hyperlux family keeps all signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) transitions at 30 dB and above, even at high temperatures (up to +100°C junction). In low light conditions, these sensors outperform their counterparts with same sized pixel across extreme temperature conditions. This unique sensor family also boasts the lowest power consumption in the smallest form factor enabling an efficient camera design.

M3 EliteSiC
Fast switching applications with 15V-18V gate drive.