December 22, 2022


As we wind down to the end of the year, it is an excellent time to review what we have achieved. We are honored to amass multiple awards from industry peers to recognize our disruptive innovations and industry leadership in automotive semiconductors. With automotive being one of our focus markets, we strive to deliver intelligent power and sensing technologies for vehicle electrification and advanced safety applications. Here are our award-winning products/solutions.

Intelligent Power Solutions

VE-Trac Direct SiC Power Modules
  • EE Awards Asia Featured Vehicle Electronics Solutions Supplier
  • Elektra Automotive Electronics Award
  • Top 10 Power Best Application Award

2022 EE Awards

Uniquely positioned as an end-to-end SiC solution supplier from the substrate to the module, onsemi offers its VE-Trac™ Direct SiC power modules that feature differentiated transfer-molded packages and innovative sintering processes. They provide better thermal performance, lower power losses, higher power, and higher efficiency to enable more extended range and smaller batteries for electric vehicles.

APM32 Series SiC Modules for OBC
  • Top 10 Power Award


The APM32 series is the first-of-its-kind that adopts SiC technology into a transfer molded package to enhance efficiency and shorten the charge time of xEVs and is specifically designed for high-power 11-22 kW onboard chargers. This series exhibits low conduction and switching losses, combining with best-in-class thermal resistance and high voltage isolation to deal with 800 V bus voltage. The enhanced efficiency and lower heat generation ultimately allow for a more powerful OBC. One that can charge the xEV faster and increase its operating range – two critical factors for consumers. 

Top Cool MOSFETs
  • Embedded Computing Design’s Best-in-Show at electronica 2022


The new ‘cool’ MOSFETs from onsemi feature innovative top-side cooling to assist designers in challenging automotive applications, such as motor control and DC-DC conversion. The latest Top Cool devices, housed in a TCPAK57 package measuring just 5 mm x 7 mm, feature a 16.5 mm2 thermal pad on the top side, allowing heat to be dissipated directly into a heatsink rather than via a printed circuit board (PCB). One of the key benefits of utilizing the TCPAK57 is the increased power density that enables the use of both sides of the PCB and decreases the amount of heat going into the PCB. 

Intelligent Sensing Solutions

AR0820AT 8.3-Megapixel CMOS Digital Image Sensor 

  • EE Awards Asia - Sensor Product Award
  • CES 2022 Innovation Award Honoree - Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation
  • Gasgoo Awards- Autonomous Driving Segment


The AR0820AT is an advanced CMOS digital image sensor that captures high-quality images in various challenging lighting conditions. The AR0820AT image sensor - specifically designed to be used in automotive applications, especially Automated Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) - forms a fundamental part of the vision system that will detect objects in the vehicle’s path, including pedestrians and other vehicles. With features like higher dynamic range and higher resolution (8.3 MP), this will assist drivers and ultimately enable a new generation of fully autonomous vehicles with essential 360-degree vision. 

Ride Vision and onsemi Collaboration with AR0147AT

  • Electronic Specifier’s Electronics Excellence Award at electronica 2022



Ride Vision’s industry-leading Collision Aversion Technology™ for motorcycles uses machine vision with artificial intelligence (AI) and works based on high-dynamic range data captured by automotive-grade image sensors from onsemi. Together, we provide advanced safety solutions to reduce accidents on the road.

We hope you enjoy reading about some of our featured automotive products/solutions of the year. We will continue to push innovation to bring more intelligent power and sensing solutions in the new year. Contact us for your next automotive designs.


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